Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hi all,

I'd like to focus on campus life - specifically the original Cougar Den (used from 1942 through the 1950s). It was built in 60 days as a very rushed project due to the boom in enrolled students after WWII. It was the hangout spot for students and Bernie Kapner mentions it in both interviews. Because Kapner's statement is brief I'm hoping to find other interviewees who mention this. I did find a picture in the 1957 yearbook with a caption about a petition to ban Elvis Presley albums from the jukebox in the Cougar Den. Basically, the goal of my project is to chronicle the life/history of this favorite campus hangout.

Photographs needed: Cougar Den (not to be confused with the Cougar Den in the UC or the campus pub). Maybe some aerial photos showing the large number of students on campus. The original Cougar Den was inside the Recreation Building (but from what I understand most students called the entire building the Cougar Den).

Any suggestions/feedback is greatly appreciated! Still not completely sure about this idea :)



  1. Mika,

    The yearbooks are teeming with photos of the Cougar Den. Also, there is the video the Katie and I made that references the Den.

  2. I've put several photos from the Digital History library on the sharing site for you. I'm putting together a list of direct links. I'll post those shortly when I have everyone's done.