Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hi again everyone,

I've accessed what I could of the interviews on the site. Aside from Welcome Wilson's story about getting Shasta, has anyone else made any mention of the various big cats UH has had over the years?

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hey everyone,

I noticed some stuff about Kristin Deville on Dropbox. Is there an interview? The videos that worked  (the fifth one is corrupted somehow) are just pans of her UH memorabilia.

Also, when will the other videos from the first interview session be in Dropbox? I ask because we're very quickly running out of time and it will take hours to just watch all of the videos.


Thursday, October 20, 2011


Here are my notes from yesterday's class.

So far you have 4! Great job everyone
For the game on the 27th Tom has set up 3 more. Aimee will contact him to get names, times and possible information about each if she can.
Joe has 3 UH grads that he knows from another group that he will set up interviews with.

Class dates:

10/26 we will meet in the Learning Commons of the Library. If you haven't signed up for a computer try to get a Mac since the software we will use is on them. We decided to buddy up into pairs of 1 person that knows the software helping 1 person that doesn't. We will talk about the software and about storyboarding.

11/2 we will discuss digital preservation in more length. Class held in rm 520

11/9 TBA mostly we will talk about putting together your project. Class held in rm 520

11/16 TBA. this class time will be cut short. Class held in rm 520

11/23 Off for Thanksgiving

11/30 No scheduled class. This will be your day to work on your projects.

12/7 Class will be held in rm 520. We will watch all of your videos.

Frontier Fiesta
Turns out that the Frontier Fiesta group on campus has videos of Bill McCurdy and Dr. Sam Quintero. I will give them a call to see if we can get copies. If they have other videos of Alums I'll see if we can get those also.

You will have to compress your video to an MP4 in order to deposit it into dropbox. Especially if you used the HD camera. If this is difficult for you please put it onto a flash drive or bring the camera up to me. I have software on my work computer that easily converts it.

That's all for now.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hi everyone,

I figured this was a good spot to post this: The appointment window for our class in the Learning Commons is open now (I went in yesterday, but couldn't access the 26th.) Remember to stop by and get your appointment for October 26h.

I assume that the iMovie software we'll be using (it's iMovie, right?) is available on both OS platforms. You have to choose whether you're using a PC or a Mac. I chose PC. If I need to choose Mac, would someone leave a comment?

Good luck with the Welcome Wilson interview Friday. I'd say I'll be thinking of you, but at that time I'll be just one short flight away from seeing my husband for the first time in over five weeks. You'll forgive me if my thoughts are elsewhere. :-)


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Digital Preservation webinar

The Library of Congress (or as they like to call themselves - "The Library") has changed the links from when I did the syllabus. Here is the link the the digital preservation webinar.

I hope it works.

There are some other fantastic webinars available There are 3 free ones.


October 5th class

Hi All,

We'll be meeting at the library for this class session. I'll be at the information desk to meet you. I'd give you directions to the scanning lab and our offices but we are located in the rabbit warren of the basement and I'm afraid we'd never find you.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Hi all!

I just want to provide a quick overview of the interview I did on September 24, 2011 with Bernie Kapner. There are three points in particular that I think someone else may want to get more details about in a second interview. I definitely missed a lot of opportunities to ask follow-up questions, but lucky for us he is more than happy to do a second interview.

Kapner was born in Houston, Texas in 1937 and attended the UH from 1955 to 1959.

1) He came to UH with a basketball scholarship. Kapner played on the freshman team his first year, under Guy V. Lewis (the legend!). The next three years he played on the varsity team (also under Coach Lewis, as he had moved to the varsity team at the same time).

Anyone interested in UH sports history/themes might want to talk to Kapner. Another interviewee mentioned that Kapner still holds a record in basketball (can’t remember exactly what for). 2)

2) Kapner received his degree in Education (physical education?). He mentioned a few names of professors; most interesting is his mention of a female instructor.

Anyone interested in the gender theme may want to ask Kapner about this person. Considering the time period (late fifties) and the subject he may be able to describe how his classmates and department responded to a female instructor..??

3) Kapner remembers the veterans coming back from Korea. He describes seeing tents on the east side of the campus, “qoanset huts” for the many vets. Interesting to him because they were much older and mature… this stood out to him.

This would be a great addition to the Major Events or Campus Life themes.

These are just the ones I thought someone may want to roll with….but other points he mentions briefly include: Frontier Fiesta, he was the first in his family to go to college, and his classes were all held in the E. Cullen and Hugh Roy Cullen buildings.

Have a good day, see you all in class!