Friday, November 4, 2011


Morning all,

I spent the morning rummaging for photos based on the requests so far. Lori, I got the impression you're taking your own photos (cool idea, by the way), so I didn't do any searching for you. If I misunderstood, please let me know. I have some images for both Aimee and Katie. What I've done is create an account with a sharing site. I've created folders with your names and put what I found in them. Each also has an "info" text file which gives you the URL for any photos I found that were not in the Digital Library collection.

Here is the link to the site:

If there are any problems, questions, let me know.



  1. Thanks Deanne!! If we want to use the Chronicle for pictures we would have to pay. I know because the magazine used one and it was something like $40. We have to make sure the photos are in the public domain or that we get proper permissions and give some sort of photo credit. I really liked all the photos you sent! I'm so glad you found a historic one about an Arab org. I have some photos from the fight for African American studies I can use also. Thanks a bunch!!

  2. I was pretty happy to discover that club in 1968. It's not mentioned in the subsequent yearbooks that are online, but I bet there are other photos in the yearbook years around it.

    The permission bit is a good point for folks to keep in mind, especially since I'm just tracking down the photos. A lot of organizations waive fees when the use is for an academic or non-profit entity, so it certainly doesn't hurt to ask.

  3. Nice job!

    Aimee - most of the yearbooks are done but not up online yet. Also, we have a collection that is sitting on our servers called UH Events which might have some more photos in it.