Friday, November 18, 2011

List of those to thank

Hey guys!  I know we said we would do this, but I cannot remember what came of it...or if we posted it somewhere.  Anywho, here is a quick list I compiled (alphabetical by last name) of everyone I can think of (including Gerald McElvy-- tomorrow's interview).  Let me know if I am forgetting anyone.

  • Nandita Berry
  • Dorothy Caram
  • Kristin Deville
  • Elizabeth Ghrist
  • Bernie Kapner
  • Howard Lorch
  • Gerald McElvy
  • Demetrius Pearson
  • The Honorable Shearn Smith
  • Welcome Wilson
I know that there are some names that I am missing.  Also, what should we do about titles?  I think we should include 'The Honorable' in front of Shearn Smith's name...thoughts?  

Please comment with your additions!



  1. I would agree, Lori. I think it's important to use Shearn Smith's title. We need to thank Tom Franklin and the Alumni Association.

  2. Hey all-- just a heads up that we need to credit Welcome Wilson, Sr. (since his son is also Welcome)