Thursday, September 8, 2011

Questions for Alumni events

Here are the list of questions we came up with in class this week. If you think of others please add them in the comments section. 


1. What years did you attend UH?
2. What was demographic makeup when you were a student here? Campus? Your
department? Faculty?
3. Where is home for you? (Texas, the Deep South, the North)
4. University of Opportunity. J
5. What opportunities did you get from UH? Higher Ed in general?
6. The Top Ten Rule?
7. What brought you here as opposed to A&M or UT?
8. How did you see the changing student body?
9. What changes have you seen in the student body? Either while a student here or
returning today?


1. What years did you attend UH?
2. Use the recent study on campus diversity to draw attention to the way things look
3. Did you have any female professors while here?
4. These four women just won a prize in a National Google Competetition.

1. What year did you attend?
2. What kind of things were happening off campus? Whether in Houston or
3. Ten year anniversary on 9/11
4. How did it affect the campus? What things did you see on campus? Students
coming together? Events?
5. What changes did it bring to campus?
6. Enron? Moonwalk with Space Center so close? Challenger? Berlin Wall or
fall of communism? Rockets winning championship— Olajawon, Drexler with
students here.

1. What was the new building on campus?
2. Dorms? Changing the campus?
3. Problems with living on campus? Lack of grocery store?

1. How did you pay for school?
2. What did your friends and family think of you coming here.

3. Coog high?
4. Tier One?

1. What was all the rage during your day? Music, extracurriculars?

Thank you Stephanie for taking such fantastic notes. Obviously, 3 day weekends throw me off kilter. See you all on game day.


PS: Mark: I couldn't seem to get to your blog through the follow button. Could you send me the link? Thanks!

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